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Text book questions

Multiple Choice
1. An operating system is a supervisor program.
2. Loading the computer operating system into a personal computer is called booting
3.  A monitor is not an input device.
4. A mouse is not an output device
5. RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory

Short Answer
1. hold permanent or semi-permanent data while it is not being processed. Can story data for a long period of time.
2. A Hard Disk Drive (HDD), a common form of secondary storage device due to its large storage capabilities and ease of use, can be used as a input and output device.
3. Peripheral devices are devices which are not essential devices that need to be connect in order for the PC to operate. e.g. printer, web-cam.
4. Input device – Keyboard and Mouse.
keyboard – Used as a device to input characters into the PC, which process them as words, numbers, or be used to create macros.
mouse – a pointing device used to control by the user to access files by moving the mouse and clicking.
5. circuit boards, video cards, cooling systems, power supplies and internal hard disk drives which are plugged directly into the motherboard.
6. RAM is short term memory which temporary holds data which may be called up straight away where as ROM holds data for as long the user may like. e.g. RAM storing Internet websites and ROM storing spreadsheets.
7. A small program that is permanently stored on the hard disks runs automatically to load the operating system into the main memory (RAM) so that it can start using it.
8. A computer needs peripheral devices for extra memory or as a way of transferring data to other devices or to physical data i.e. paper.
9. a modem allows a computer to communicate with another computer using a standard telephone line
10. The three networking topologies are Star, Buss and Ring.


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