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Management Report

Steps to follow when setting up a computer.

Before removing the computer components, ensure that all the components are inside by reading the contents of the package list.

1. Remove components from the packaging

2. Connect each component to its specified connection (which can be found in the instruction manual)

3. Connect any peripherals to the system unit (e.g. printer, scanners, etc.)

4. Plug the power cord into the socket (be careful not to plug too many into the power board)

5. Turn the power on

6. Ensure that the computer is functioning normally.

File security can be achieved through the use of a username and password. This ensures that only authorised employees and personnel are allowed access onto the computer. If connected to a network, file security can be achieved through installing a firewall.

Virus protection should also be installed after setting up the computer. Virus scans should be completed daily and receive daily updates. Virus scans detec and quarantine malicious software that may have entered the computer.

Different types of back-up should be implemented on a regular basis. A full backup of the server makes a copy of all the files and should be carried out weekly. An incremental backup should be done everyday, and baskcs up only files which have been modified.


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  1. Mr Groom said,

    too short. You are not addressing OH&S from the outset. You need to include reference to adding the new computer to the ‘asset register’ and record the serial numbers. Completing warranty cards etc., You need to ensure that the delivery docket/note contains the right parts. You also need to ensure that if a component has a few parts – cables, power supply, cords etc. that you check they are in the box.

    Refer to locating the ‘quick start’ user manual

    You can’t say ‘ensure it is working’. You can say … in order to ensure the system box and peripherals are operating correctly … mention that lights should be on and the o/s should complete loading. You should then look at the ‘system profile’ from the o/s control panel (pc/mac/linux) and check that all are operating … sometimes something might not if you forgot to install the DRIVERS.

    Also mention that it is preferable to connect all power cords directly to the power outlet in the wall and to avoid overloading power boards and double adaptors (oh&s)

    If you ‘mind map’ the FACTS that you have stated, you will find that this is a mid-weight answer … it’s an 8/20 … check out some other peoples answers and update it.

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