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Half Yearly Q20

OHS Standards Policy:

This standards policy is to be read by all employees during their time of employment at this workplace. These standards are to be followed to ensure your safety at the workplace. It will address the following issues:

1. Type and use of workstation furniture

2. Computer Hardware

3. Lighting

4. Radiation

5. Work procedures

1. Furniture:

You are to use the standard furniture that you have been issued. The desks and chairs have been ergonomically designed to reduce the occurence of physical strain on the body, and are to be used according to regulations. The height of the chair should be adjusted in order for your line of sight to be perpendicular to the computer screen.

2. Computer Hardware

              Ensure that the monitor is adjusted so that it is perpendicular (at 90 degrees) to your line of sight. This ensures that you are less likely to suffer eye strain after extended periods of work. Make sure that the keyboard is situated in front of you. Your elbows must at a 90 degree angle to the keyboard while typing, and ensures there is less probability of joint pain.

3. Lighting:

 Adjust the monitor contrast and brightness suitable to your eyesight. Make sure that the light surrounding your workstation is suitable to your area of expertise. The bright lights may cause a glare on the computer monitor, causing your eyes to strain. Non flicker lighting should be used, natural if at all possible, avoid using standard bulbs as the pulsation of light can cause headaches that can impose on the operators overall well being and productivity. Non flicker neon lighting should be used and natural light where it is available.

4. Radiation:

 Radiation can affect an employee’s physical health after extended periods of work in front of the computer screen. Ensure that the employee receive’s constant breaks fro 10 inutes at a time to prevent the employee from negative side effects of health. Breaks at constant intervals also ensures the better productivity of the employee.

5. Work Procedures:

 As mentioned in previous sections, going on regular breaks at constant intervals ensures the employee is focused and motivated and increases the productivity of the employee. Poor health after extended periods of work can be prevented through safe working procedures. Ensuring that you sit upright will decrease the probability of back pain, as well as the prevention of carrying heavy objects. When travelling to and from your workstation, be aware of exposed electrical woring and obstacles such as open file cabinet drawers. Office temperature should be kept at a comfortable level for both the operator and the computer that they are working on. The temperature should not vary and be ether neither cold nor hot despite outside temperature. A constant air flow is important to inshore that the operator is coastally working in fresh air.

If a possible hazard is found, please report to the manager or OH&S officer in order for the safety of your fellow employees.


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