McMattchu burger.

5.1 Questions

Detailed Task Description
You are part of the IT support team. A delivery of IT equipment has just arrived. You have been asked to install a new mouse, keyboard, printer, and scanner to an existing computer system in the boss’s office.

Write down the questions you need to ask before installing the equipment. Specify the personnel you should direct the questions
The questions would be directed towards the boss considering it is in the boss’s office.
What are the connections behind the CPU.

Describe briefly how you would check the contents of the delivery and the areas you would pay attention to
The sticker of the box outling the content and to check if the box has been opened (broken seal)
Check if actuall content of box is matched with what is outside.

Enter the peripherals into the equipment inventory

Where should the software, manuals, warranty information and other documentation be stored?
depending on what it is e.g Software, warranty and other documentation would be stored with IT guy.
manuals can be kept with the boss incase in the occurance the boss may need them.

What procedures would you recommend for the storage of these items? Justify your answer

Discuss the OH & S and ergonomic considerations for the set-up of the equipment

Describe how you would test the new equipment
Testing and evaluating the equipment by insuring all is working and the equipment is easily accessable.
How would you ascertain client satisfaction with the new equipment?
By insuring that all equipment is working properly along with the software associated with the equipment is running and is easy to use, along with set instructions.
What procedures would you recommend for the storage/disposal of the disconnected equipment?


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