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2001 HSC Paper Q18 If a query were made of Contacts with postcodes between 2000 and 2030, how many records would be listed?

– One record would be listed.

b) If all postcodes consist of four digits, why is the field TYPE set to ‘Text’ instead of ‘Numeric’?

– The filed type is set to ‘text’ instead of ‘numeric’ as in some countries, postcodes may contain text e.g. 234A and also numeric fields are only required when a calculation is involved.

c) If the database were sorted in ascending alphabetic order on Lastname, which Lastname would appear first?

– The last name which would appear first is ‘Lake’

d) What are the advantages of splitting the contact’s complete address into four fields (Address, Town, State, Postcode) rather than using a single field?

– Advantage of splitting the complete address into four fields may include more efficient sorting for using mail merge.

e.g. If the mail merge only requires state and not the postcode

e) The following SQL statement is used to generate an e-mail contact list:

FROM Contacts

WHERE State = “NSW”

SELECT Firstname, Lastname, Email

ORDER Lastname, Firstname

Write the expected output, in correct order, in the space provided.

– Lake Fred

-Lee Bianca

– Lee Judy

– Nguyen Tranh


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